plumber heating in hamptons, plumbing and heating hamptons, plumber east hamptonHere are some of the services offered by Siedlarz Plumbing & Heating:

  • Repairs: Call or text anytime (631-329-3500) for any of the following:  Leaks from pipes, drippy faucets or fixtures, water temperature and/or water pressure/volume issues, clogs or any other needs you may encounter in your plumbing system.
  • Water Heaters: I repair and/or replace water heaters.
  • Heat: I install hydronic heating systems. A hydronic heating system is a heating system that includes a boiler, radiators or baseboard heating or in some cases air handler systems which includes a boiler to heat the water in order to transfer that heat to your HVAC system.
  • Oil burner service: Replacement and repair. I am a trained oil burner Tech.
  • Water testing: Test water to find out if there are any harmful elements in your water.
  • Water purification and filtration: I install whole house purification and filtration systems. I also offer a point-of-use reverse osmosis system for the purest water possible.
  • Town water connection: I install water mains underground to connect your house to town water.
  • Gas pipe: Natural gas or propane pipe installation, in the house, outside and underground.
  • Winterization: If you plan on not being at your house during the winter months, I can protect your house by removing the water from all the pipes, fixtures and appliances, and putting non toxic antifreeze in the traps. This process is known as winterizing and protects your house from water damage due to breakage in the plumbing system caused by freezing temperatures and its effects on pipes, fixtures and appliances.
  • Heating system Anti-freeze: To protect your heating system from freezing, especially if you have an air handler in the attic or in a non-heated area.
  • Reminders:I will remind you once a year to call to schedule your oil burner service, your water filtration/purification service and your winterization to protect your house and pipes from freezing.
  • And so much more!